About Us


Our History

Our roots at OHD, LLLP began in serving the occupational health care market in the Southeastern United States.

Today, OHD is a global manufacturer and provider for  The QuantiFit2(R)  mask fit testing device. We are also proud to be the sole North America distributor of the SVANTEK line of noise and vibration monitoring. From personal dosimeters to area sound level meters, Svantek offers an unrivaled product line to fit your ever-changing needs.

We also offer additional safety and health devices, including audiometers, spirometers and sound booths.

As OHD continues to expand, our success underscores our goal. It is our aim to continue to provide you with the appropriate and exact equipment to meet you and your employees needs


Our Mission

“We passionately protect the health of the world’s workforce.”


Our Philosophy

We, at OHD, LLLP, believe that the better we understand the fundamental nature of what you do, the better we can partner with you in providing the very best information and products to care for your patients and employees.

This is why we strive to make available that extra dimension of understanding your business and your ever-changing needs. We do this through our knowledge of changing guidelines, including regulations of the health care delivery market place, as well as adapting our service and products to meet the particular requirements of your work site.

This is also why our comprehensive service includes free consultations for occupational health care providers, first responders and others who want to ensure they are setting themselves and their employees up for a safe day on the job.


Our Parent Company

Schauenburg International GmbH, headquartered in Mülheim, Germany, was established over 50 years ago and now comprises more than 40 companies worldwide. Schauenburg is a family-owned group of companies that specialize in safety instrumentation, communication technologies, plastic processing, machining and equipment, and engineering products.  The Company is a recognized and trusted supplier to the mineral processing, mining, tunneling, and other major industries.  Schauenburg provides its subsidiary companies with the support and autonomy to best serve their respective core markets and provide customer excellence in product reliability and customer support.

Schauenburg acquired OHD, LLLP, in February 2017 as a strategic addition for the Schauenburg Group in an effort to expand their footprint in the Americas and open doors to new markets worldwide.

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